Sunday , 19 May 2019
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About Us

Sana Polytechnic College is one of the “Best & Top Polytechnic College in Kodad, Nalgonda, Andhra Pradesh, India” came into LOGO (2)_2existence to imparting an excellence in technical and technological education in the era of globalization and advanced information technology.

The college is committed to transmission of knowledge. Its chief mission is to serve the nation as a center for the advancement, preservation and discrimination of knowledge. It aims at endowing its students with a perfect synthesis of moral and human values, ancient wisdom and modern ideas and techniques.

About Sana Educational Society

A philanthropic organization called Sana Educational Society was established in the year 1997 with an objective of giving away the fruits of knowledge to the rural and financially and educationally backward students of Kodad region. Because education has been gaining greater importance in global village unveiling the gateway for better prospects with excellent remuneration.

In the increasing development of the modern society everything is under the direct control of knowledge, analytical ability. And the ability to tackle any kind of situation which can enable the human beings to progress in life. A fairly high degree of power of knowledge and excellent qualifications enhance one’s employability. Keeping in view of the increasing importance and priority for education Sana Educational Society came into being by a galaxy of eminent educationalists and altruists.

Sana Sponsored Educational Institutions

Under the umbrella of Sana Educational Society the first school with the name Chaitanya Bharathi School of excellence with special stress on ethos, moral, human values emerged in the academic year 1999. Since then it has been crossing a good number of mile stones in its journey of excellence in knowledge and its related areas. There is no denying the fact that Chaitanya Bharathi School of excellence has laid a royal path for the next generations to establish so called concept schools, foundation schools, national and international schools.

Realization of Technical Education

It is very proud to announce that the “Sana Educational Society” has been keeping an eye on the changing a global scenario and making its sincere efforts in order to fetch higher (technical) education to the door steps of every poor family.

India is developing industrially and technically and the demand for skilled professionals is also increasing. Engineering as a career has been a major attraction for students across the country and hefty number of candidates taking the engineering exams are evident of the fact. Engineering is a multi- disciplined field which imparts a basic ability in logic and analysis irrespective of the branch of the Engineering one chooses.